Thu, 02/22/2018 - 17:55 -- sarahc

I feel I'm trapped in your gaze,

a cold and cruel sort of maze.

I want to know when it ends.

I want to be on the mend.

You'd twist my words into hate

so that I could not escape.

I felt so trapped by your mind.

I thought I'd fallen blind.


Lucifer the prettiest of all,

you drowned my words in tears and alcohol.

You kissed my lips to take away your pain.

You smelled of cigarettes and falling rain.


It took a passage of time

to heal my heart and my mind.

A void you carved with your hand,

I felt I would withstand. 

Memories are hard to forgive;

they take more than they can give.

That night still pulls at my soul,

and will 'til I am old. 

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