Close your eyes.

And imagine.


A perfect night before the alarm comes off.


When the morning comes, nothing is good.

~only until my eyes close.


And sometimes. . .

~I feel like death is better—

Death. . .

To sleep in an endless trance


Is a dream.


The dream of peace and love,

~blazing hot like a blue fire so hot it’s freezing—

The blue snakes slithering up slowly.


Higher and higher—

Though it’s warming, I forget that it burns.


It might only last one second,

But it gives me power.

~Power for the rest of my day,

Even if it’s just a fantasy or a nightmare—

~brutal, sweet, and bitter.


Here, Time is under my control—

~stopping and playing at my will.


Then the light came,

And woke me up,

~woke me up to the real world.


Now open your eyes,

To be exposed.


And I’m falling. . .

Down into my shadow. . .

~Into the joys, sorrows, tragedies, fears, and loves. . .

Of life,

All come back to me.


And I wish I had never opened my eyes,

Until the black moon triumphs over

The sun and swallows the stars,

~when I finally fall into a luminous sleep,

Where nothing goes wrong and I will always be safe.


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