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34° 48' 11.1564" N, 92° 14' 53.7756" W


Some days I don't recognize
Scrawl apologies on mirrors
For the blood there.
Was I  ever really breathing?


I am all skin and brittle breaking

Always folding; always folding.

Do not tell me this is home.

I am separate. I am separate.


I am



This translucence is a

Pale moon to the sinking.


Touch lips to skin

to find the warmth there


Sometimes I imagine

I exist

In the space between my heartbeats

The tangible is fleeting


Sometimes I imagine

I exist

Between the marred hues of the sunset

This is ending. This is ending.


I beg you,

Hear my cries through

Troubled waters

Drowning with each gasp as I am pleading

Tell me I am here.


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