Loving you!


I love you because of how you make me feel
With you I feel as though everything is possible
Around you my heart has a tune
It doesn't just beat but it composes to your music
Your voice is wonderful and peaceful
A melody to which my ears are being made love too
Your so attentive you make me feel oh so special
Anytime I am with you the world stops and it's just you in me
I have more happiness because of you
You brought the passion out of me and made my eye burn with desire for you
I want to be yours forever
I have the gleam of light of hope with you
That one day you will be mine and we will survive
I am in love with what we can accomplish together
We are made for each other
I am so joyful to have you as a best friend, lover, and mentor
God has blessed us with rarity and I thank him


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