Loving You

Enjoyably outlandish.

Breaking my heart I can't stand it.

When all is said and done

I won't know where to run, 

but your arms.

These feelings I possess are only handspun.


Playing these hearts like harps.

Tear it apart.

Make him play the pain off at the park.

Where to start?

Enjoying to make me cry.

Drama piles up to the sky.

That heart i'll supervise the day you're truly mine.


I put it on my momma

i'll these words just like pajamas.

For you i'll throw my last dollar

While i'm working for these commas.

Making moves just to get to you.

Real smooth. Treasure you like a jewel.

Winter time cool.

Putting the pieces together better than Boole.


When the oceans are running 'round

And my feet are no longer on the ground

Volcanoes errupting screaming wild

I'll fix myself a smile

because i'm loving you.


Winter of 75' 

I've never felt more alive

Dancing to the strings

Your smile makes me sing. 

Color me like Gogh

The king is the place to go

I can see it in our stars

The future of us is strong.


Yes the world is ending.
Yes Terras going to bed.

Yes the world is ending

God is kissing our forehead.

But it's cool 

Cause i'm loving you 

Thats a thing  I love to do


I know we've had our issues, 

but if you leave definitely i'll miss you.

Icecream and tissues won't mend times when i've dissed you.

Now you're heavily on my mental.

Cause  I really want to be touching you

Even though that it's sudden

Im coming baby i'm running.

Just only for your loving.

No bluffing. 

More real than the tune i'm humming.

No rule bending no discussions.

First, last, only , and forever.

And i'm not settling for less.

Let's cut the unneeded stress

and tomorrow we'll start with a little more happiness.


Living for you is the only reason

That I manage to slip into the seasons.

Battled my way to most leagues in and 

Such funny not much

How your touch is an intense rush

Like I won a fight and was rocked by handcuffs.


Seems like times get the best of me.

Get tense it's been week since i've had a kick from ectasy.

Drug game is treachery.

but i'm loving you so that's behind me.

Cause you always manage to find me.

The love that I have for you can no longer stay inside me.



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