Loving thoughtlessly

Loving thoughtlessly  

Everything I have to bear shall always be entirely clandestine,  

For each dwindling passage of my blood, each hazy, faltering neuron and spasm 

I have to dress it all up, bring out my most cherished threads because you know i must keep this 

All guarded until the moment you have then departed 

I'll do what I can to purge this boundless prurience from my being, I'll try to tether myself up in these cords 

For I am so easily enraptured and haunted by the same slight caress  

     with each forsaken reverie, I know I must be rebuked for this aimless and naive avidity festering within me  

    because every gap of time is far too strewn apart and all my memories have gone astir, 

and every day I am away is filled with utterly worthless banality that never yields any actual answer.


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