A Loving Stone

Wed, 11/04/2015 - 19:51 -- Nyquan

March 19
The day an angel was born
The day all dreams were stored
The day love left like more
The day of a loving soul

March 19
The soul was born
Looking down asking why
You hurt me You lied so strong
You didn't care for me
And you stand here in front of my grave
Saying lies that you made
Why the feeling of hurt
That I gave my life to something that was nothing but a pain
I gave my everything to something that wasn't worth it
I lived my life fighting of shame
Wishing that it was never made
But at the end I forgave your sin
Thanking you for teaching me how I should have lived
No more sorrow No more pain
I layed infront of you with the pieces that was remained
But It was something wrong
Felt Like I Was Gone
Closed my eyes and saw a stone
A dream I fear if life wasn't closed to the end
So now and today I learn how to live my life with a smile on my face
Thanking him I lived another day

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