Loving Differently for You and I


for You and I where there is no Lies

Love is different.

Not so for One but in Pairs

like a union is for Two

But shared for You and I.

Like forgiveness is not easy at all.

Love gives powers to us all.

Gives us strength and growth

because we are more than just one.

Its moving and touching without the physical.

the Concept of love, the feeling of love, and the actions of love

What are they to you?


We all must have self-love

for we are unique and speical

no other person thinks like me

no other pereson believes like me

and so on 

because you will not find me in another person 

because if you did

then what would I be

I'm not easily defined for i'm constantly changing 

according with experiences and beliefs.

my path is yours to claim and so 

don't speak for me nor misguide me

don't interrupt the love I have for self

because its out of my self- respect and integrity

for me and maybe for you as well

but it's my choice to make


Maternal love 

such a support an an encourage to us all.

protective even when were wrong

accepting even when pain is around

Its for someon else not ourselves

We believe in them no matter what.

Sometimes blinding

but what can I do if

its not in my control

its instinct and natural 



Paternal love 

prepares me for life

like a guidance and a teacher

Helps through the good and bad like

maternal love but gives us a word of advice

and re-think must be done

and again what a help to us all



Unconditiona love

maybe maternal or paternal 

but we love with no limits

at times

Might be one-sided

but its strong and we can't ignore it








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