Love's ID crisis

Love and lust hold hands 

You touch my face and smile

What do you mean?

I like to think that the way your grin invites is safe and out to make my day

but how can I know really?

I smile back and let your contentment tumble down like heavy rain

It blocks out everything and makes my clothes drape with weight

Its just you and me surrounded by the storm

But really, are we safe?

Do you want me for my love

Do you want my for my life

Do you want me for the way I walk

Do you mean to cause me strife?

I don't care about your man-parts

I don't care what you think of my lady-parts but maybe that just means

that my motivation isn't in my vagina

Maybe my affection isn't in my inate drive for gene perpetuation

Maybe my love is just real

I just want to be around you

Just reach out for me so I can know you're there

Are you in love with me?

Or is your smile in other places?


Just hold me for now and I can hold out til tomorrow



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