Love's Destiny

a tiny seed was dropped out from a farmer's bag
onto the fertile soil in time roots would spring up
through the duration of time we have created a rhyme
a pulse of the heart will light the spark to where we need to go

What hurts you the most ? Is it fear or death ?
the tranquil pier on a clear brisk morn
clouds over hang to bring a pale atmosphere
each of us elapse in our own inner thoughts

reckless wanderers as distant nomadic herdsmen
with all the twists and turns through snap shot variation in a dream
we then come to a better understanding from deeper within
love is the essence of our eternal existence

learn to cultivate honest laughter with a smile
to know all the great while we each our accountable
Oh, Lord, I love you so much
Possessing such a forgiving touch

Praising your name doesn't seem enough
Through past times that were so rough,
No matter where or what I may do,
My path always leads to you

Life is not a mystery to me;
It's all about setting one's self free
Lord, you make me feel whole and complete
Knowing only I can ever cause my defeat

Keep me from all that which is profane
Humble me Lord, in Jesus name
My heart is forever in the Lord
Where all stand fast of one accord

In this world I am but flesh and bone
I no longer wander, I have found my home.

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