Lover's Separated


There she is on the other side of the road. 

As the sun shines on her like a spotlight.

I want to say Hi but .....I stay on the other side of the road like my feet were cermented to the ground.

They Call Her Bella...

I daydream about that name

More than any other.

So Mean, so rude-like, so insecure

but yet she's pure and delicate like a poor innocence creature who deserves love.

I want to show, I want to love, I want to be in her embrance.

But once I step on the road that separates us it starts to break apart.

So all I can do is wave and give her signs.

"Hello,Hello!" She ignores my request.

I am suddenly sad until I look up, and there she stands infront of me. 

I smile as She smiles.

The sun is now on Us.

And we Share a kiss that only heaven experience.

Finally I have Bella.


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