Lover of my Soul

I wonder why I woke up this morning

It must be because you sustain me

I question my religion daily

I find the world around me amazing

The peace that I found is a mystory

My old self is long gone it's history

A boy who was almost a man fell asleep

He had no hope; only misery

Why do kind people die

How does God hear them cry

Why am I still alive

Is there value in life?

Am I crazy?

You amaze me

I watched a star explode this Fall

There is nothing on Earth at all

Only you astound me

Your presence surrounds me

My insomnia is getting worse

To soothe my soul I'll write a verse

I exchanged my dreams for obsessive thought

My mind wanders to places it should not

My longings for peace are getting violent

Dear God! How can I stop the riot


There is a time for silence

A time to wait for your providence

You never miss a beat

To your path, I will align my feet

Why did I wake up in mourning?

Perhaps it's because I've been ignoring

The fact that I'm ready to be conforming to Jesus

His love is disarming.

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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