Sometimes I just want to be lovely
Like a ladybug in spring
Like the song a morning dove sings to me
I just want to be

Sometimes I just want to feel kind
Like warm sun rays to a gentle green grass
Like a fresh breeze that streams through a patch of tulips
Like a kindergartener, ribbon in her hair, who shares her pencil
I just want to be

There are just some days when I want to be free
Like a checkered picnic blanket before its landing
Like a star, with no connection to a galaxy
Like a rain drop with no pull of gravity, floating
I want to be

Free from my own thoughts
Free from this life
From obligations and ties and knots
And puzzles that are too mind-warping to solve
Free from work and thinking and learning and listening
And always chasing after something not worth the chasing

Kind as the rushing stream after a summer storm
Kind as the moon to the swaying waves
Kind as a new book’s emotions

Lovely like watching surfers on the beach as the sun falls into the tide
Like the life of a city in the darkness of the night
Like sharing an umbrella
Like the perfect song
Lovely like the perfect moment
Lovely like the feeling that nothing can go wrong
Like nothing is wrong
Like it’s Christmas again
And it doesn’t matter what you think of yourself or what they think of you
Because everyone’s finally here in the same room
And everything is good again, even the world is lovely
I want to be


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