Loved Unconditionally SS<3


Loved Unconditionally SS <3

            Mystery women

            Profound and grand in nature

            Like a jewel

            Your value is unmeasurable


You’re more than that

Shining faint, still so bright

            Blinding yet clear

            I see an angel


            Always here

            Then your there

            Lead me away from this world

            Follow you down the golden rose road


            Hold my hand

            Show me a way

            Dust your glory over me

            Bathe me in your brilliance


            Never let go

            Love binds our wings

            Fly away so we know

            A heaven there, your my sanity


            Raise me up when I fall

            Be my savior  

Among them all

I only want one to love me


You give me hope

More so than that

I feel whole inside, knowing

I’m loved Unconditionally SS <3



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