Love your lovehandles

Dear Natalochka, I love you.You have always been loved,And you will always be loved. You can stop looking for loveOutside yourself.You won’t find it there.For the love that you are looking forIs within.It fills your heart with lightAnd glows through every vein,Bringing love and nourishment To every cell of your beingWith every breath you take.Just feel it…Allow it…It’s there. I promise. The love that you’ve been cravingFor your body is inside you.Allow yourself to feel Every belly role,And every love handle.Allow yourself to love them.If you don’t love them,You will only continue to fear them,Hate them, cringe at their every movement.Every time you twist and bendAllow yourself to feel every pendulous motion.No need to run and hide. No need to deny. No need to justify.No need to cringe at this “imposter” Residing on your body.Because whoever told you this Didn’t love their own being,This story is not your burden to carry,You don’t have to live in their delusions,You have a choice.You always have the choice to loveAnd accept yourself exactly as you are.Make the choice to be guided only by love. With love,Your higher and infinite selfNataliya 

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