Love without end- Bias free Love


They say that I dream too much,

 that they are like clouds in the sky,

water running through my fingers,

but I will drink my dreams full, and sate

the hunger of the world.

So one day the world will know no pain

And no one will cry again

No widows alone, they will remember

A time when the sun shone

Children will have no fear,

To run in the streets,

 no fear of what they’ll meet

They say that I dream too much,

What is the danger?

Of wanting to bind hands together,

Without a race, for eternal peace

Where you love your neighbor for them

Not their color, but for their knowledge

of the world, of the past, of the future.

To hold them to your heart, not their religion

To hold books up, not guns

To share knowledge, not hatred

For children to hold memories of stories

not guns, for love is as infectious as hate

Men will be whole, not ravaged by war

and no one will remember starvation or death

but, instead the love of mankind for each other,

regardless of race, sex, or religion.

This is my dream, one of love,

 everyone will love their neighbor as they’re loved.

This my passion for my brothers, and my sisters.


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