Love web

Love can be spun like a web. It is made of a silky thread that shines golden light inside you. 


Love can be touched as if solid yet feels soft and vulnerable. 


Love flickers in your eyes when I make you smile. A rare smile. Bringing back old memories. 


I can see love hurt you. Wounded you. Defeated you. Brought you back up and kicked you back down. 


Love is pain. Love is loss and letting go. Even though you don’t want to. 


Love is understanding and forgiving when you wish love had been good instead of bad. 


Love lives. It changes. It grows and moves both fast and slow. Or it stops. What we have. What was. What can no longer be. 


The web untangled. I hold this gold  remaining in my hands. And smile at the pure beauty from which love can be spun again. 


This poem is about: 
My family


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