Love Story of a hypocrite

Adjusting was arduous, a hypocrite he was,Every step was jittery, hiding her flaws....She thought in anxiety,' Will he like it ?Will my text make his face lit ?  On the other side of the page, Sat a guy with a hypocrite image...Hypocrisy was for the world outside,He loved her a lot from the heart inside...  For her, he was guy perfect,But for him, it was tough to react...Quite a thing for him it was,Cushioning his image was in laws...  Confessing was a mere thing, he thought,From her side, would make things sort...Fear of losing him, was what curbed her,His view after confession was quite blur....  Love made the hypocrite surrender,Leaving her nothing to ponder....Love made her fear a frown,Well, his hypocrisy had bow down...  Staying in his arms was her tempt,Being together was what he dreamt...With this, the love has glory,In the form of a poem, I present you this story....

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