A love song for friendship

Fri, 10/26/2018 - 15:52 -- asvensk

“The love of poetry, Rare in this age of missiles.”

Melodies out of place

Gentle sińottaś on the oceanrunner

Space floating anon until it runs out of time

And you

You put the steel in my veins

Gestating innocence,

“Sleeping on the skin of a nightmare”

And you

Crawling carelessly through my daydreams




And you

Watching me from the corners

Temptations trepidating tremors

Feelings Feedings Freezing

But no words, within my breast

Tears drown my toes but not to grace my eyes

Because of you

Tongues of needles rest behind mine

Sands unroll across the dainty lips of your lungs

And I grasp at your shadows in the night


Imagine to watch

Your nostrils grow in my sickness and I live in the pension of pedophiles

The sign of a pervert

The watch set at the end of a row

And he crawls and he crawls and he crawls

And you

There is no heaven in this rotting smile

The pins beyond these sullied fingertips can taste your evanescent lies

The slut doesn’t buy your filmint fantasies  

{The slut is me}

Tempered to your solvent ivories

To tune the terrified tragedies that burn in the wake

Don’t shake the baby

The baby will curdle the shake

The artery fear melts away into pleasant embarrassments,

The hours still with silence

Sprites peddled passion fades

As tiered trepidations sing in simple string

No boombox under a window

No declarations belted past the sea

Just two chairs by a window

And you

Sitting next to me



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