the love of someone through the sky



 In the garden of my heart, there blooms a flower,


Its petals gentle, its scent sweet and pure,And in that garden, there stands a tree,Its branches strong, swaying with the breeze.Elise, your

name is whispered in the wind,A melody that plays deep within.Your eyes are like the night sky, full of stars,Guiding me through life's

twists and scars.Your laughter is a symphony, a song so sweet,It lifts my spirits, makes my heart skip a beat.Your touch is like a gentle

breeze on a summer day,It soothes my soul in every single way.With you, Elise, every moment is a dream,A fairytale come true, or so it

seems.I cherish every smile, every glance,For in your arms, I found my chance.To love and cherish you for all eternity,To be your rock,

your safe haven, your sanctuary.Elise, you are my everything, my sun, my moon,My world is brighter, my heart in tune.So here I stand,

with words of love and devotion,For you, my dear Elise, my heart's one true potion.I'll love you yesterday, today, forevermore,For in your

love, I have found my core.


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