The Love Is Shone

Sun, 05/26/2013 - 00:15 -- Wassuhp

From the quiet dawn of the morning
To the tranquil dusk in the evening
The Love is shone

From the wooded trees of the forest
To the swampy mud in the marshlands
The Love is shone

From the top of the tallest mountain
To the depths of the deepest ocean
The Love is shone

Hidden at the very end of the soul
There is a safe of secrets
And here in lie the Lovely Bones

Hidden at the center of the creek
There lies alone
The Lovely Stones

Hidden behind the ring of the crater
There is the ash
Of these Lovely Homes

From the fixed field
To the sanctified grave
There traveled these Lovely Bones

From the hand of the child
To the end of the pond
There traveled these Lovely Stones

From the war torn Earth
To the forever free sky
There traveled these Lovely Homes

Down on my knees
Am I atoned?

Down on my knees
I am alone.

Down on my knees
Can I be shown?

These Lovely Bones?
These Lovely Stones?
These Lovely Homes?

Where LOVE is shone.


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