Love is Scary

Wish it were I was a child of 10,

for when they fall, they get up again.

They're resilient, brave, naive when first kissed,

truly the portrait of "ignorance is bliss."

But years travel on, experiences pass by,

the child who bounced back now learns how to cry.

Love and excitement grow stronger with time,

the element of risk is now in the rhyme.

To go with the thrill of unfamiliar ground,

or to remember a pot of gold can never be found?

A certain look will make me smile,

a happy face that will last a while.

But a certain look can foster doubt,

Tells me watch your back, know the way out.

The ease of my actions

come from unknown.

She's surrounding me, whirling me,

to where I'm not shown.

My strength and my energies

are at battle again.

Wish it were

I was a child of 10.


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