For the Love of Persona

Never knew that the person I love the most, 

Would be in the same room as me. 

Same thoughts, 


and opinions. 

And at this full phase of the moon did she realize that she beams and glows just like the moon

Which arises my curiosity with the moon.

But who knew knew that she, 

Would resemble the moon itself. 

She thinks that she is hidden

But she is exposed. 

Folks stare at her with admiration and anticpation for answers. 

Every night there is a new look. 

Her curiousity is growing like weeds,

She trims when needed but never does she pull from the roots.

Who knew that I would fall so deeply in love with her, 

That it scares me. 

I'll get a crook in my neck for looking up to much 

I can't help it. 

I used to glance up and not acknowledge the magical wonders that she holds. 

I need to live out my dying days making sure that she is growing 


Growing into her full potential. 

She is the moons child 

I am with her everyday. 

It surprises me that she has a galaxy growing inside her.

There is no need for a God 

Becuase she has all the capability to fullfill her purpose inside her.

I asked her: If she can keep things hidden until the universe can accept us

She explained to me, she will keep things hidden but soon things will be exposed but all will remain unknown. 

I am trembling 

She is breathtaking 

The power she exudes 

And yet she remains whole, humble, and complete 

I need her to consume my mentality 

She is my inspiration to be. 

Because when she appears, she destroys me like a natural disaster 

But recovers me like a rainbow after a storm.

This woman is what I want to be.

It comes to my attention and wakes me like a night terror

That this woman I consider to be a goddess:

Is me. 

This poem is about: 


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