Love pays the Price


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Life is freedom, life is choice, or so we're always told.
Life is choosing right from wrong, From being young to being old.
Life is love, life is joy,
Life is laughter from girl to boy.
But life is hard and life is pain;
Life is sacrifice to bring on gain.
Men and women who stand the night,
Stand by you but out of sight.
Out of sight and out of mind never given a second thought
But give a listen and i will tell you what those men and women bought.
They bought you breakfast, yesterday, from that diner down the street.
They let you walk or run or drive,in sun or snow or sleet;
They let you choose what clothes to wear and where to sit in class;
They let you have a jungle yard or stones instead of grass.
Without a single penny spent from their dirty, bloody pocket,
Men and women payed, for that fancy new toy rocket.
Men and women standing guard on borders round the world,
Payed their life for you to be the freest boy or girl.
Eagle Globe and Anchor on hats and shirts you see,
Survivors of so many wars, Unite States Marines.
So life is freedom, life is love, But life is hard and painful.
Love of those you may never know pays life for life in handfuls.

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