Love (or something like it)


Love is that time I watched you undress

and you didn’t care.

I loved you ‘till you finished

and threw a tantrum on your thighs


Love is a kiss in the rain.

I drown for love, yes

like a fool.

To love is to have an affinity

for umbrellas.


To love is to find one’s self

in the desert of the heart--

the heart of isolation. 

To love, is to love there;

where the roof of your mouth is scraped

by sandpaper tongue;

where the weather’s so hot

your head boils

and brain stews.


Love is a rescue plane

shot down in the Atlantic.

Love is to be stranded

while looking for romance.


Why guide one's self

with such a faulty compass?

Why, romance is

for the lion tamers


To have faith in love

is to put trust in a hungry animal.

And to pacify love with romance

Is to stick your head inside its mouth—


So what is love if not the

fragrances of old romances

gone rancid in a wine bottle

behind the bed?

Or a kiss between the hips?

What is love but

a dislocated jaw?


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