Love once felt

Have you ever been in love?
The kind of love that dances across your mind as you sleep.
Love that reflects the beautiful array of light of the setting sun.
The very thought of the person pulling you from the depths of your own mind.

Have you ever been in love?
The feeling you get when you're graced by their touch.
Hearts sharing a bond that is felt over a great distance.
Intertwined in the night and dreading sunrise

Have you ever felt loved?
The feeling when they stare into your soul with joyous eyes
The rapid beating of your heart as your hand caresses her thigh
Sweet words like honey slowly pouring out from her lips.

Have you ever been loved?
Not the way of family
Love that burns like a raging fire
With a passion that quenches all desire.

I once felt love
The love of a woman that pained me through and through.
Her very touch was like a gift from God
Her smile was one that rivaled many
But her beautiful eyes were of no contest

I was once loved
Loved by a true goddess if I do detest.
For her words could lift me to the heavens
Her soft skin was beyond enchanting for I fell with ease

I once knew love
As more than just a word or a singular feeling
For in every moment the word gave life to a different meaning.
Felt not just with touching of bodies but in the heart
But as all good stories go it tragically fell apart.

I once felt love
Now I feel only its shattered remains
The dark void of emptiness
Love once shared gone in an instant and can't be explained.
Is it worth it to repeat such pain?

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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