Love No More


Love-- it means nothing now

but flirting and empty sound

it's physical and short last

nothing like was in the past.


There was a time when "I do"

Meant I want to spend my life with you.

When loving came not too soon,

but waited for its honeymoon.


Now, boys and girls hold hands to say

"I want to love you for today,

but tomorrow brings another age

and my story must turn the page."


Love has come and gone already

Passion has become unsteady.

Life is dull and meaningless

A loveless, empty, selfish mess.


Aphrodite has let us stray,

And, likewise, love has gone away.

In its place, lust reins and rules,

Commitment is left for the fools.


Love-- it is a sham

The lion could not lie with the lamb.


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