Love is a Myth

Love is in space somewhere 

Love is a hidden jewel under-ground  

Love is a legend of which only the brave seek out 

True love is un-heard of to me now

Love is a total mirage in my world  

Love is a un-controllable beast   

It can hurt you   

Love leaves you vulnerable   

The feeling is un-bearable

So I shield myself 

I build a gate around my heart   

but love is a monster  

that can sneak up on you  

You think you love me but  

love does not exist  

Love shifts to sadness 

in mere seconds

Love is dangerous  

and can turn you into another person  

Love has no cure

Love wears a mask as its disguise

and the scary thing is you never know who's next 's

to be shot with cupid's arrow..... 


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