The Love Of My Savior

Never in my life could I atone for myself.
The Redeemer of my soul, His love, I have felt.
I cannot understand all of the reasons why He Bled.
His redeeming Blood took away all tears that I've shed.
Oh Redeemer, Redeemer, I can feel Thy love.
It rains upon my soul, from the Heavens above.
Give me Thy Spirit as I pray and kneel.
So that I can share my heart's desires,
And tell Thee how I feel.

His love is most sweet and pure.

By His grace and mercy, I shall endure.

I feel my Savior's lovin',

It's warmer than cake left in the oven. 

He will bless me if I keep His covenants.

And if I am faithful, I shall feel His presence.



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I love this! So beautiful and heart felt!


Thank you so much!! :)

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