The Love for My Mother.

She kept a roof over my head

And made sure I stayed fed

If it wasn't for her I wouldn't be here

My heart is where I hold her near


She gave me everything, her love, time, and advice.

She fought for me and never thought twice.

She did what she knew best

And let us figure out the rest.


She was there through thick and thin

And she's my very best friend

She is my Mother

I would never choose any other.


She encouraged me no matter what I went through

To make me happy, there's nothing she wouldn't do.

She believed in me, when no one else did

She listened to me, even when I was a kid


My mom taught me right from wrong

She always remained strong

No one has a mother like mine

Because mothers like her are hard to find


A lot of people don't have their parents, this I know is true

But if I lost mine I honestly wouldn't know what to do

So that makes me appreciate what I have that much more

Showing my mother some love, and all the negative people I'll ignore.

This poem is about: 
My family


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