Love: Malachi Moore

Love is something funny, don't you think?

It can fill us up with joy or it can make us sink.

It makes us do some funny things and we don't even blink.


Love is powerful, don't you agree?

We pray there is someone who will love you and me.

One thing we all have in common, a need to be needed.

A desire so strong for this way to be treated.

Mutual respect is an important factor.

Another thing to look forward too is lots and lots of laughter.

Because when you are with that one special person, you haven't a care.

You know that your soulmate will always play fair.

Never decieving and never unkind.

Never questioning becasue your love is blind.


This sounds like heaven to me, does it for you?

Finding someone to pick you up when you are blue.

Always by your side and always true.

A constant supporter who is always in your corner.

And a great snuggler too.


All of these things are important to me, and I now I wonder you agree?

Because if you don't, it proabably won't...

work out between you and me.




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