Love is for the Lucky and Brave


One cannot recall

what love truly is,

or whether one is meant

to experience,

that one feeling

that can never be forgotten.


The meaning

is quite frankly common sense

            for those who are lucky,

to feel that hug or kiss,

that leaves their heart vulnerable;

vulnerable yet high in spirit.


            With love one needs bravery,

to see heartbreak in the future

but take the chance;

the chance that heartbreak

will never come.


Love is not something

that is taken lightly,

it shouldn’t be.


Love is not just an emotion,

it is a sacrifice,

it is a gift.


It is not for everybody,

yet many think it is.


Love is for the lucky,

and love is for the brave,

for the ones

who can withstand it’s wrath,

and for the ones who

have what it takes.


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