Love Loyalty Trust


Those are the main keys for a relationship.

Any type of relatioship.

You dont know when it starts or how it starts.

But the feeling you get out of it lets you know if there's something.

You know that they are who you wanna be with.

You do everything possible to accomplish this relationship.

Loyalty, if they arent here, then you'll wait.

Because thats what loves do to humans.

Loves, transform you into a robot and it controls your mind,

And makes you do stuff that you arent able to control.

Trust, you believe everything its done 

And dont complain because you believe in them and they will never lie.

Until Loyalty and Trust are broken.

Love,Loyalty And Trust are best friends, they can not be without each other.

But if Loyalty betrays Trust, Trust will go away.

And if Trust goes away Love will saddly still be there

 But its heart will be demolished.

If you're not ready to bond and be with someone

Don't be in it.

You're not only hurting yourself

You'll be hurting others aswell.


This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world
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