Love Lightly used

Its hard to explain .Creating feelings just the same. Histerical . Im sincerely ,genuinly ,in love!! BOOM!!  Hit the wall of reality .Betrayal,killing silently .Now your locked up and away .Set in stone .How did it get this way? Set carrying a package you never wanted. Its not a curse ,but a blessing. Stop stressing .For its done now. Dont know when ,Dont know how .But its done . So instead of lookind at the negative , see the positive. You have another life with you .On you they depend to . Cherish you .Love you , Protect you . For That child ,that baby in your arms , the one who does no harm .Their you . :) And another thing ,just a note of advice to end all this strife. " Just because they say it ,doesnt mean they mean it". Love ,lightly used


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