a love letter to myself

they tell you that beauty is more than skin deep, 

but they forget to tell you that flaws are too and

you learned this was true four years ago when

everyone sat back and watched you break down

in the middle of geometry because you saw a boy

hold someone else’s hand


people don’t use the word over-emotional to describe

someone who cares so much or loves so deeply, they

use it to describe someone who cares too much and

loves too deeply; the pauses in conversations and 

avoidances in hallways are not to protect you from

feeling hurt, but are to protect themselves from the

rainstorm they think will fall from your tear ducts


you paint the ocean on your eyelids so that when 

there are tears streaming down your face at 3:15

in the morning, it doesn’t feel like you’re crying and

you feel like a monster because nobody likes the

taste of salt water, but what you’re forgetting is that

salt helps heal wounds.


there are earthquakes in your chest and butterflies in

your stomach and sometimes you feel like the earth might

shatter beneath the gentle touch of your fingertips, but

when you realize that no one knows how to feel the way

that you know how to feel, i will remind you that this is

a good thing


i will remind you that your scars and your insecurities

and your emotional tremors do not define who you are

as a person. i will let you get angry and i will let you cry

to show you that it’s okay to be human. just like a ray of

sunlight during a vicious storm, or a silver lining where

you least expect it, you are an over-emotional soul in an

emotionless generation. your flaws are as beautfiul as

your heart always has been

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