Love Letter to my first love

We had something special

Something my middle school heart needed at the time

Something that was memorable

for me


I know you felt it too

That suffocting pressure on your heart

The cold air tucked tightly in your lungs

The way only your hands could warm my hands on a cold winter night

The way my legs fit perfectly over yours as we waited at the doorstep


You were the last real thing ive had in over five years

Its been 5 years and I could still taste the shock on your lips the night we first kissed

Its been five years and i can still feel the your fingers through my hair

Its been five years and my hand are cold even in hot summer nights


I no longer love you

Though fall leaves and love songs still remind me of you

I no longer love you

though I still wonder why you left

I no longer love you

Ive found the beauty within my memories of us


We were young but five years later and I know that what I felt was love

Nothing but heatbreak could hurt that much

Nothing but love could last that long even after youve gone


Ive found beauty in winter again because it no longer reminds me of you






This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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