Love Letter

Mon, 10/14/2013 - 03:15 -- koolmcr

You are my brother

Not by blood, marriage, sex, or gender

But by love and unfortunate anguish

Incestuous undertones are being built on top of us

They are crushing and infecting me

This is sick, I am sick, I am in love


I am terrible at trying to hide it

My limbs are ducttaped on to my torso

My eyes are glass, my tumors are collision bumps

You will not see me sick and dying 

You will not see me in a hospital bed with shallow breaths

Though you already know of the plague inside of me


Just a cough, a sore throat

A small infatuation because goddamn you are so pretty and I just realized it

It should go away in a few days with rest

But it hasn't and will not

And I'm sorry

Even though you would tell me not to be


I wonder if you know what you can do

What needles you can mistakingly inject

What earthquakes you can cause

Sore arm giggles from my attempts at being funny

Message vibrations because you need someone to talk to about nothing


I wish hate was in your vocabulary

Should I present you with a thesaurus with a marker on that word?

I want you to hate me

Stop me from parasitically feasting on you

Step on me and rid me from your life

But you don't

You can only see the antonyms

Love, friendship, kindness

Brothers cannot hate each other


Carnally, warmly, unfortunately

My rotting heart beats for you

And I am unsure what to do

So I will sit here and decompose

However many moments I'm lucky enough to get are yours

None of them are wasted



This is absolutely beautiful. 


I love this soo much! i feel the same way with someone im in love with..

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