A Love For A Leader


Trinidad and Tobago


Crimson Blood Bond

I, the loyal follower

You, the monarch

Following In

The black high heels you made me buy

So I could foolishly stumble behind you

With misplaced trust

My offering

The stone colored sweater

Which you declare squeezed me

Like the crown of thorns you placed on my head

While I placed gems in the one I stowed upon yours.



Ruled under an iron fist

Which you disguised as a toxic love.



Found in new lands

With No Ruler

Friends that hold my hand

And guide me

As I fumble in jagged heels

With trust that will take me

From coast to coast

Who will clothe me in the finest silks

Lacing them with the finest jewels.



Unselfish love from those who

May not be linked by blood

But in spirit


Something in which delivers you from

A peasant to a queen.


This poem is about: 
My family


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