The Love I Once Had

Cleave to what you left,
When you took away my
breath. Leave, just go and
leave me with nothing left.
So my shattered heart can
My heart is filled to the brim,
with emotion. From the one who's
love showed no devotion and left
my smile with nothing but erosion
from the volcanic erruption, of my
Essence, thats what you were to
me a pressence that showed nothing
but pure beauty, but now the crevices
where your memories dwell are my
reasoning to make sure that we prevail.
Which you can see truly.
My heart is a glade open and wide.
But your love is a blade a sharp
treacherous knife. You were once my
everything the love of my life, but now
your just a memorie of the girl I
considered my wife.
So I ask you to go!
Leave from my memories
and I'll push away all hope so
I can just cope! Let me explode,
if exploding means your eternity then
allow me this time to remember one more
memory! Of the girl who was once dear to me,
So I ask return my heart which you have
taken from me.
So ask it again just
leave and go, with my dad!
Because I thought he to once
loved me! But that was my bad.
So same goes for you, I hope you
are glad. Because all I remember
now is the love I once had!


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