The Love Of A Hustler (Prostitute's Cry)


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Forgive me God,
My lord and savior.
For I have done things,
opposed to your favor.
But this you know,
and this you have seen.
So it is no secret-
My soul is unclean.

My heart is heavy and burdens run deep.
Its the struggle that’s torn me and made me so weak.
I thought the world had harmed me,
so I looked elsewhere.
Went searching for love-
but nothing was there.

So, I called on your name.
I did it in vain.
I strayed far from you
to escape worldly pain.
I turned to that man
thinking I had better.
I became a store
and he was my seller.

It started with kindness and a heart so pure.
He told me I had beauty when I was unsure.
He made me feel loved when i felt so hated.
Then, he said he would help me
and promised I'd make it.

I then turned from your grace toward something untrue.
And now, here I am, returning to you.
So, take me, my God!
This is my plead.
Wipe away unclean spirits and you take the lead.

Become my guide and I will look towards no other.
For I'd rather have you than the love of a hustler.



I love the raw emotion put into this. The first stanza touched me, simply because everyone at some point of their lives has felt that way. The diction and arrangements of your rhymes flow so flawlessly, which makes your poem so touching. I love the whole point of your poem because I think especially today, there's a huge misconception about prostitution and misjudgements of those who participate in such activities. This poem is an eye opener. Although I can't empathize, your poem really is a heart toucher that made me show so much sympathy for those who resort to this hustler's game because they feel like they have no other option.


Thank you so much ! That was so very appreciated. I'm happy someone can actually see where I'm coming from. :)




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Thanks a lot and I really love your poem.


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

god loves you

god forgives, repent all your sins

thank you for being brave

well said in this amazing poem

Tatiana Natalie Kondo

This is such a bautiful piece.I absolutely love the emotion in it. Keep it up and Jesus loves you

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