For The Love Of Humans

For the love of humans 

earth is falling apart

Insects fry by the kiss of the sun, 

animals drown in their own sweat 


For the love of humans

God still sustains the choking trees,

pleading to not breathe the same

waste as these merciless beasts


For the love of humans

quivering fishes pop to the surface 

of the usually greeting sea, 

hugged by the gills with newly 

manufactured diet soda wraps


For the love of humans 

glaciers melt way for mortal’s 

refreshment of an enraged sun,

Walls of stunning white kneel 

to the desires of nature’s abusers


            For the love of Justice, 

 the molding planet will stand in its splendor 

    The Creator will soon stand against its oppressors.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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