Love Her He Does

Sat, 10/18/2014 - 17:19 -- jmmt4
What can I say?
She is a beauty to behold
A laugh carried by the breeze
A star twinkling in his dark night
She won't admit her talent
But he sure will
And cares more for the lost
Than herself
Every conversation is deep
And yet light and airy
Words come naturally
Like they were meant to be
She is radiant both body and soul
Flaming red hair
And orange flecked brown eyes
With a soul to match
She hates wearing shoes
Instead preferring bare feet
Because she like to feel grass
In between her toes as she runs
She is passionate about much
And constantly sings
Music in her soul is always playing
And love her he does
I can see that he wouldn't mind
Sitting there for several eternities
Listening to her laugh and sing
And loving her for forever
But even though given all of this
She does not love
The very same boy who I have
For eternal years



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