Love & Heartache


United States
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The day they met, it was love at first sight
He kissed her, She felt butterflies for the first time
She fell in love with his actions
He told her she is the one he first ever loved
He said one day you are to be my bride
He creped in the night with another girl
She knew and her heart was crushed
She cried all night in her eyes he couldn’t care less
People filled her mind with lies, his old love still cares
He tells her she still cares for his old love
She cries once more, she realizes she is deeply in love
She tells him no matter what I will always love you
So she lets him go to be with the one he truly loves
Days go by and a surprise comes by
He hits her with a text, simply saying I miss you very much
She reply’s saying how could it be if you say you love her
He knows deep inside he still loves her but loves the other but could only have one
He still chooses his other Love but still is in love with the one he first loved
He does not care as much for the one he is with now but it is hard for him to open up


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