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It’s true my beloved friends, family, unknown creatures of this world,
A heart really knows when love is away,
365 days in a year, 24/7, every minute of the hour, even today,
It counts beating the drums of your chest not daring to calm down,
We lay begging for sleep just 4 hours at least, maybe 3, tears with a frown
The heart screams beating where is she! Why is she not here!
Over and over night and day as you ignore this raging organ of sound,
You can’t take it any longer,
You sit there crying out SHES GONE; SHE LEFT ME…SHE LEFT YOU,
The heart beats harder and harder leaking blood through its veins,
It shouts why you didn’t tell her!
Tell what?
Puzzled like I didn’t spit guts and glory to her to stay?
That she was special, didn’t you?
I did! Oh Heart I did.
I long for the soft touch of the pale hands, the gentle lips,
the soft spoken words I LOVE YOU,
it calmed you down oh heart during every argument with my family, every test I failed in high school, yes she was
my mind,
I wasn’t on the right subjects when school came, cause she was all I can study,
the numerous days when I get clowned for my looks,
I just go into a deep thought of her beautiful voice when I see her,
the sweetest tone of “There Goes My Baby,” just waiting for me,
and then out comes a look to all my opponents and I smile,
and whisper to myself, “I got her,” what else matters,
Every moment we were together my heart stay calm,
Taking over me every time she would say goodnight off the phone,
you sounded the alarm,
Beat me, doom doom doom doom,
and out yell WAIT, don’t hang up, I still want to talk,
and over and over I keep doing the same thing,
until I just had to pull my heart together, hes a real lovey dovey,
through the night he would wake me
up and I’ll just check for her message on my phone, zero,
Close my eyes, irritated, grumpy,
but you stood quiet,
Slowest beat I ever feel, because she wasn’t up yet,
In the morning I awake to the doom doom doom,
already knowing what you want,
Grab my phone, rush of blood leaking inside my chest but I never knew,
The adrenaline rush over reading her message and responding was all I can think of.

Now understand the meaning of heartbroken through my eyes now that she’s not near,
365 days in a year, 24/7. Every minute of the hour, my life continued to be in fear,
Cause without the medication from slowing down my heart,
I would have been dead during those 365 days probably in March,

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Good lookin Brody. you d your thang'. frfr.. keep it up , lowey watch for spellin errors... check out some of my poems..


Thanks man I appreciate the feedback a lot!

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