Love Before Hatred

I once saw a star

In the midnight air

shining straight towards me

Though it was lovely,

it was manipulative

Though it was manipulative,

I kept wishing

Wishing to the star,

that this was the way.


Then I went walking, talking and more, 

I heard the bluejays chirpping all morning long,

I asked myself, 

What is Love? 

Is it manipulative like that star?


I then looked up,

up to the sky, 

will it kill me? or will it heal me?

A voice started whispering in my ear, 

I am here to love you all day everyday, 

I was started so I turned around, 

Nobody was there, 

I thought I was dreaming.

I looked to the sky to see that face, 

the face of Jesus' love to all his kids.


Jesus said..

This is love,

love is not manipulative, 

love is not hatred,

yes there are fights involved, 

but this is what love is. 


I then asked Jesus, 

Then what is hatred?

He said "Hatred is the sadness, the manipulativeness, the agony that you go through day by day,

Hatred is the bad things, but thats what you shouldn't live for"

You will live for love, 

and Love is Me. 



This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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