Love for Growth

We all came into this world unknowing 

with the thirst of desire and discovery, but I was always known for throwing

my passion of love for recovery.


The crave for happiness is yearned.

Sharing it with others is a welcomed quest. 

Some take that advantage for earning

instead of having it as blessed.


Having the chance 

to give my full support,

is like being in a trance

that’s never a sport 


There may be moments

when growing up sucks,

but you hardly ever notice 

as it turns into a life long deluxe 


So actually trying to pinpoint 

the exact moment of my growth 

is like trying to pinpoint 

someone lying under oath


I believe the process is all longterm.

I’m willing to go for the ride.

But I’m able to confirm 

that I’m down for the guide.

This poem is about: 
My family
Our world
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