Love Games

Im played like games adolescents love to win. Victory! You won my heart although cheat codes and guide books helped you through. You became a strategist at the war of my soul. Im schooled by lessons you felt obligated to teach me, not trusting my answer to the question you sporadically asked me. Im bullied because you have the mendacity to play me. Toying with the strings in my body called veins that pump blood to the heart you stole. Snatched hearts beats from my chest, like drums you bang on for your amusement.Roller coaster rides we continue to ride regardless of the redundant conclusion. Paragraphs my fingertips create like harmonies on pianos you claimed you were unique in this world full of duplicates but your the same.
Promising my self to be stronger then the brick wall you placed in front of me. Your falsely addicting words formed on lips i touched not tasting the poison hidden behind your kisses. hands that caressed my cheeck while simultaneously beating me behind my back. You tried to be the joker making jokes you found amusing while i was the target. You fooled me!


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