For The Love Of The Game

Fri, 01/31/2014 - 00:47 -- CasCope


Be humble

Last minute of the game 

Last minute of fame, of your senior season

Give it all you've got

You put up 20 points a game this season


Pass the ball in

Dribble coast to coast

Fake right spin left

Pull up

The ball is in flight

Because who is looking for anyone else in sight


Basketball is what we bleed

Waking up every morning

On your off days

That aren't really off

 Cause you’re still out there putting in your own hard work


The integrity

Doing what you should when no one is watching

Putting up shot after shot till the daylight is all gone

Going strong all alone


But when you do practice,

Do you practice hard?  

Do you practice like it’s your last?

Don’t just shoot don't just go through the motions. 

It’s your time you shine

Spend day in and day out on the grind


For the love of the game

The passion

Believe in your self 

Believe in your game

One day they will all be screaming your name


This is what we live for

The late nights and early mornings

We live for the nightlife

Cause Ball is life, Right?


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