Love Does Not Hurt

Love does not hurt.

And if it does,

It shouldn't.

Those who say love hurts

Are the ones who have lost

A love that made them whole.

Those who are in a painful love

Have likely lost the love

They once had for themselves.


A love that is true

Will never fail to make you smile,

Will never fail to remove the clouds from your horizon.

If your love is darkening your days,

Lonely-ing your nights,

Take a step back.

Forcing a piece that does not fit

Into a puzzle

Will only cause harm.


You should not cry every night.

You should not make excuses.

You should not feel pain that makes you say,

"Love hurts."

Love does not hurt.

Love is a tonic

To a world of pain and sorrow.

...And if it does,

Find a better love.

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