Love is Devotion

Because I Love You,

we are not perfect

and that’s just perfect

Dirty, mortal menaces we are

Constantly staining our white cloths,

Trimmed with lace,

blemishing mistakes leave their mark.

But all can be erased

If one stops their haste

And clean the soiled fabrics

With love so purely forgiving and stark.


Because I Love You,

I can be me with you

and you with me

Absurd masks nonexistent

Our very cores stripped

Nothing to hide behind,

Our bleeding, beating hearts out in the open.

No fear of driving you away

At the end of the day

We only grow closer

Closer to something I never lose hope in.


Because I Love you,

I can let you go

go far out of my reach

What a terrifying world out there

So dark, provoking, and deafening,

I wouldn’t wish such toxins ever come near you.

And yet, it must

To save you from going nowhere

I must let you pay the fare

Of experience only earned

Through humility and strain just.


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My family
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